Herein lie characters, creatures and landscapes I want to show you. They are on our doorstep and I will tell you all about them here, in their bare boned state; woodlands, wild cats and wasps.

All my inspiration comes from my travels into nature and my hunger for research. My landscape marries the reality I find near and far, with the imagination of my quietened storytelling.

And so…

I am an illustrator and artist based in the city centre of Birmingham. Constantly surrounded by man made structures. Having studied a short while at the London Institute, at Central St Martin’s and Chelsea School of Art, I found at that point I was just too young. How could I create if I hadn’t lived?


After a very winding path, I retrained as a Design Engineer, working with steel and forming unnatural edifices. Then it came to me.

Then I found my steps.

Then I picked up the pen.

Now I can create.